3 Simple Ideas to Generate Leads in Real Estate Business

Market fluctuations dictate the way a real estate business operates. When interest rates are low, the industry buzzes with activity. When rates are high, a sudden lull sets in with no buyers opting to buy or sell till the rates drop. To deal with the oscillating nature of the real estate business, companies need to be armed with a list of prospective leads, round the year. Here are some ideas to drive leads for the real estate business, and gain a strong foothold in the industry.

  1. Build Networks

In the real estate business, networking with peers and other social groups can bring new prospective buyers and sellers into contact. Insurance companies, money lenders, bankers, and title companies are some of the other groups to partner with. Networking activities could include, hosting parties, sending gifts to clients, offering home cleaning discounts for new owners, etc.

Partnering with local staging experts and title companies can come in handy when it comes to recommending new clients.  Offering to host or cater a new housewarming party is also a great way to meet new leads. It generates interest among new neighbors and old friends, and can help turn cold leads warm.

  1. Acknowledge & Advertise

Keeping in touch with the past or present clients is an ideal way to remind them that any questions or doubts on real estate can be readily addressed by the company. Even a note of appreciation, once a while, sent to existing partners, can greatly help when searching for new leads or asking for referrals.

Real estate business requires paid advertising promos during the non-active season. Advertising in sites like Zillow can help garner better visibility online. Social media mentions, discussions on real estate forums, Google ads, and newspaper advertisements are other ways to keep the word going around.

  1. Design a Website

Having a web presence is mandatory in an age where online selling and buying is widely preferred. It is a space to showcase your services and offerings, and the right place to share good customer feedback and reviews. The website needs to be search engine optimized for prospective buyers and sellers to easily locate it in a Google search. Creative content like videos, podcasts, and blogs can be used to share information with viewers. Creating a newsletter signup link on the login page can help capture email addresses, as well. Weaving content for a specific audience, like buyers and sellers of modern homes, apartments, or first-time buyers, helps garner better attention to the website.

Other good ideas for real estate lead generation could be:

  • register on LinkedIn.
  • join real estate investment groups.
  • organize community events.
  • even become a Redfin partner agent.

Since leads are essential to the real-estate industry, these simple tips can help you drive conversions sooner or later.

To manage a real estate business requires the right skill at the right time, especially when the main focus is on lead conversion. Real estate accounting is a detailed process that demands meticulous planning and execution. SmartFin has expertise in real estate accounting with its foolproof processes, flexible scalability, and over a decade of experience. Would you like to know how to use our services for your real estate business, while you can focus on driving new leads? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you soon.

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