Process Reviews

SmartFin’s process reviews analyse your accounting and business practices and re-engineer them for a smooth transition and maximum efficacy. Find out more!

SmartFin’s accounting solutions are strongly integrated into our consulting and process review solutions. This offering is a key aspect that ensures a smooth transition from in-house to offshore accounting

Our Accounts Process Reviews (APR) and Business Process Review (BPR) starts off with a comprehensive as-is study of the current accounting and related business processes. SmartFin consultants benchmark the processes against similar industry best-practices and re-engineer them for maximum efficiency, taking into account key aspects like turnaround time, quality, etc. Any key pain areas to be addressed are also kept in mind while re-engineering the to-be process.

The To-Be Process, in addition to addressing possible pain areas, also helps in ascertaining a roadmap of what parts of the accounting function can be outsourced and effective ways to control them.