The SmartFin Advantage

End-to-end Accounting

We take care of all your accounting needs from start to finish. That’s AR, AP, GL, cash reports, fixed assets, monthly financial statements, investor and vendor reports, CAM and GPR accounting, and anything else that we may have missed in this list.

Robust, pragmatic APR

Our thorough Accounts Process Review sets the solid foundation for the accounting that follows. We begin by analysing your processes, identifying what can be outsourced, and deciding on the most suitable approach. Then we make our pitch, and follow up progressively.


Depending on your business peaks and lows, we can add or remove an accountant within a week’s time. So for the seasons that see a spike in business and have more accounting needs, we hitch on the extra accountants. And vice-versa when there is a lull.


We have the facilities to house the bracket of accountants and support the service they provide. Coupled with the streamlined methods they follow, keeping up with your accounting needs becomes as taxing as opening and closing venetian blinds.

Legacy & Experience

SmartFin has chartered the accounting and real-estate seas for a good eight years and carries in its hull an inevitable variety of experiences, including that in Yardi, MRI and RealPage. This has led the way to a well-developed method and system of work.

Quality of people and work

All our accountants proudly hold up formal accounting degrees with a backing of a good number of years of experience that has come with variety of work they have dealt with in the past. The eventual outcome from this happy lot of people is a very pleasing result.