Here we get into a few nitty-gritties to help you understand questions that might be plaguing your mind about working with SmartFin.

We believe that small and medium enterprises could get so much more from their accountants. We have the ability to speed-up accounting processes and help clients get the right understanding of how their business is performing. Additionally, we offer our experience and credibility to help them focus on what they need to grow.
We have experience working with variegated industries – small, medium or large. Our team of over fifty skilled and experienced accountants have handled a multitude of tasks and challenges for real estate companies, IT companies, restaurants, manufacturing companies and so on.
While we take care of end-to-end accounting needs for all our clients regardless of the package size, the pricing structure is tailored to be pocket-friendly for businesses of different sizes. The packages differ in prices based on the estimated time and effort required, which varies for companies of different sizes.
We work with customers of all sizes and shapes, including large companies. We will have a team of skilled accountants handling your business and a hotline for you to reach out to us any time. We offer custom-made plans to suit large enterprises.
To answer that you first need to answer this question: does the volume of your business accounting necessitate a full-time in-house accountant, or do you require only a few hours of accounting work each day/week. If the latter then it makes sense to let us – an accounting firm – do this work, because it eliminates the hassles and high costs involved in maintaining an in-house accountant for an inversely proportionate amount of work. First, we initiate an understanding of your accounting processes and manage the transition of your accounts from your current accountant to us. From there on we take over completely. We follow a tried-and-tested approach, keeping you informed at every step. Additionally, we will be able to provide more value and quality to your accounting needs for a more rational price. We are looking to complement your existing accounting structure, not to replace it.
We have 10 years of experience in QuickBooks accounting. All our accountants are QuickBooks certified.
Yes. Apart from QuickBooks we can also work with software like Sage, Yardi, Microsoft Dynamics, Tally, Wings, Sap, MRI and a host of others.
Depending on the size of your business, our pricing plans are thereby based on the time and accounting efforts required from us. You can browse through our pricing structures here
If you take a look at our pricing plan you will find that it is based on the size of your company. You can compare your revenue against the pricing chart we have to see what best suits you.
Filing of tax returns are invoiced separately from your monthly accounting package, for an additional fee. This fee would be equivalent to one month’s fee (that in turn depending on which pricing plan you come under).
Ideally our work would be a lot easier if you have maintained your accounting books. In which case we will require your trial balance and chart of accounts. If you haven’t maintained it, we will need to get in touch with you for your opening balance on the cut-off date, and have a call with you to understand your accounting process. We will work upwards from there on.
For the AP tasks we require: - Invoices - Details of payments made For the AR tasks we require: - The daily outputs from the POS (point of sales) - (for service companies) The input on what you sold - View-access to bank accounts
Certainly. We offer chat and voice support to all our customers. For larger businesses requiring more accounting efforts we also provide a hotline number.
Yes, we can still manage. We will derive the balance of all your ledgers as on the cut-off date. Once we sorted that and after we have taken over your accounting completely, you then don’t have to worry in the least about ineffective book-keeping!