CAM Reconciliation

Our standard accounting services include CAM reconciliations – ensuring monthly billing/recovery of estimates, timely completion of year-end CAM reconciliation, clean access to data for tenants and auditors, and better customer relationship overall

Common Area Maintenance billings are tedious on both landlords and tenants. SmartFin’s services encompasses CAM reconciliations that ensure timely payment recoveries, reduced recovery times, a clean access to data for tenants and auditors, and a better customer relationship overall.

SmartFin studies the property leases, reconciles the data at the end of the year, then finalises the billing and ensures the reimbursements.

With our ability to scale staff when necessary we have been able to complete CAM reconciliations on or before time. Our lease reviews and accuracy in determining CAM reimbursements and retrievability has helped maintain the value of many a property and the smooth transaction of rents.