Get Your New Year Business Resolutions Back on Track for Spring

It’s not uncommon to lapse with New Year resolutions, or prioritise other tasks over them. However, instead of feeling depressed about it at the end of the year, you can catch yourself right this spring and make changes to get your business back on track.

  • The morning ritual sets the pace of the day and the year. Wake up and jot down at least 1 goal (if not 10!) and its due date. You may have a gross plan for the quarter, but you need to break it up into micro goals to accomplish the main target, especially where delegated work is concerned. Everyday goals help achieve this without stressing you out. Instead of panicking for tomorrow you should be goal-setting for the future. This is the only way to make your day come to pass your way instead of being dictated to by circumstances.
  • The team is the base of the pyramid that makes you the apex. Instead of spreading yourself thin and trying to wear all the hats of all the positions in your business and then ending up with subpar quality of work, think of what you’re good at and enjoy vs. what you knew you should have hired someone else for to do last year itself. One common area is with accounting. Delegating or outsourcing lets them deal with the nitty-gritties and lets you only take decisions based on the final reports and balance sheets. When you invest in building a good team, they will propel you forward.
  • You started the business with a glowing dream that can’t be tarnished with operational ups and downs. Price yourself low, you won’t be taken seriously. Price yourself high, you’re out of the market. Pricing yourself more than labour and material is alright if you believe that extra money is your worth. However, just doing it for the experience, getting paid a pittance and selling yourself short will only crack your own self-worth. It’s hard not to take blows personally because with small enterprises, you are the business. But believe in your business or no one else will.
  • Taking the idea from your head and making it a reality in the world is the toughest part. You could lose everything with a bad idea that took up your resources. You could get badly stuck going half way from idea to conception. The thing to remember is that no one is going to be too sorry for you. You need to get un-stuck by taking one step at a time. Remember point 1 where you make daily goals? Getting order and discipline to set the foundation can go a long way in getting method into your processes. This is important when you get stuck and can’t have all the other wheels of the business come to a grinding halt as well. The best way to tackle is not to let anyone tell you that you can’t. You know how you started, you know the in and out of the place, you will figure out a way to get it on the road!

Employ these simple tips learned the hard way by others to make your journey that bit easier!

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