Here we get into a few nitty-gritties to help you understand questions that might be plaguing your mind about working with SmartFin.

Our workplace, with its up-to-date infrastructure and technology, helps us deliver impeccable finance and accounting solutions punctually and efficiently to all our customers around the world. We have a leased line connectivity that ensures a fast and stable connectivity. Our secure access control system doesn’t allow even bugs to enter without permission. Power issues aren’t a worry, given our inverter with 24x7 backup. If your project requires us to scale up, well, neither you nor we have to sweat it!
That decision must be made by your finance leadership team based on your current accounting practices and what will work best. Once we receive your requirements, we analyze your accounting process, plan a custom workflow based on our review which is then designated to our team. However, if you have some questions, we could also suggest a suitable approach based on our Accounts Process Review.
We are a team of 50 Accountants, with each customer team led by CPAs with a good many years of experience under their belt. Every member of SmartFin proudly holds a degree in accounting. We are experienced in using Yardi, MRI and Real Page, and we continue to keep ourselves updated with the latest accounting & financial tools. We use IFRS and GAAP standards and follow the US Patriot Act. Our HR team has an eye for skilled and dedicated accounting professionals. This helps us maintain a high benchmark when hiring professionals to serve you.
As mentioned earlier, we have a leased line that lets us stay connected with you at your time of need. Our team will be available on the telephone, e-mail and chat to answer your queries or address your requirements. Our daily reports will allow you to monitor progress. We also do daily touchmeetings and weekly calls with our customers to bring up any issues and discuss any points that require attention from either side.
Definitely. The services that your CPA provides are quite different from what we do. Your CPA gives you business advice, prepares financial statements and other reporting documents (such as those required by your bank), provides tax advice and prepares your federal and state tax returns.

We execute business processes, and "getting things done" on a day-to-day basis. While certain processes may involve preparing forms to be submitted to the IRS, ADOR, DES, County, City and other government entities, we do not provide advice and preparation of financial statements or income tax returns. On the other hand, the business processes we provide are the solid foundation that allows your CPA to work more effectively with you as a business advisor. To compare it with Mario, your CPA is the Super Mushroom and we're the Fire Flower.
Your company's data will continue to remain as confidential as it is with you. We carry out thorough background checks on our employees, each of who signs a terms of employment document in which they pledge to maintain confidentiality in respect to client data. We restrict access to our premises and computer systems, and to data back-up media. We shred all waste paper. In short, working with us might actually increase confidentiality, as we are outside the "water cooler gossip" loop.
No. We can operate your accounting system remotely. This provides a workable solution, and there's no need to invest in new hardware or software, or to convert your data. Another option is for us to "host" your accounting system at our location, either physically relocating your hardware to our site, or re-installing and running your software on our server. A third option is to use one of the several internet-based accounting packages now available.
We take regular backups of your data, if we host it. So don't sweat it!
Anywhere from one week to a couple of months depending on the complexity of the tasks that we need to transition and the maturity of your processes and systems. In most cases, we complete the transition and are up and running to start producing your monthly financials within a month.
Anywhere between nothing to very, very little in terms of what to expect. Source documents and data are transmitted to our office. Reports and documents are available over the internet, or are e-mailed to you. From a process standpoint there will be changes required as to how we execute it and a clear understanding of the various touch-points from either side. Our APR will handle this and will recommend minor changes to your processes so as to make the transition smooth and quick.
Small, medium or large, outsourcing provides its own perks and benefits for companies and organizations of any size. Even if your company is a one-man army, you could benefit by outsourcing.